These are the frequently asked questions by our customers.

Q : What is Websempire?
A : A website dedicated to helping businesses create a website to outstand in the digital world.

Q : What do i need in order to use Websempire?
A : A stable internet connection only.

Q : How long does it take to build my website?
A : 14 working days after raw materials are provided to Websempire developing team.

Q : How does the money-back guarantee policy work?
A : The money-back guarantee applies only if Websempire developing team did not deliver within 14 Working days after raw materials are provided.

Q : Which payment gateway does Websempire accept?
A : toyyibPay.com

Q : Does the created website have SSL security?
A : Yes, all websites created by Websempire have SSL security embededded.

Q : How do I register as a user on toyyibPay.com?
A : Please click https://www.toyyibpay.com/index.php/access and submit the completed form to be registered and verified.

Q : How do i report a bug or issue?
A : Contact the team to acquire assistance. Any issues should be resolved by the team.

Q : How Websempire benefits businesses?
A : Websempire specifically creates websites for business owners to create their presence on the digital world.